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How may I assist?

My expertise vary from traditional art production and art theory, detecting art forgeries and replication practices, to creating tailored narrative experiences in virtual reality.


Even that most of the people might not find connection between these disciplines, I believe that things that seem far apart are surprisingly close to one another and can fulfill missing links.

In my experience, reaching impossible is simply not being satisfied with given solutions but rather finding new angles to the given challenge.

My Expertise

  • Concept art and visualizations 

  • UI and UX design

  • Game design and production

  • Workshops and courses (educational and corporate development, team-building) 

  • Consulting services (business development, IP and licensing, gamification and serious games)

Guest Lecturer & Speaker

Most of the topics I cover in my talks are about interactive storytelling, visual narrative design, gamification and use of gaming technologies outside of entertainment business (while still being entertaining). Furthermore, my expertise lay with work with 3rd party IPs and brands especially in creating games based on an established brand.

Game Development

With almost a decade of experience in the games industry, I wish to offer my expertise in helping you and your team in developing:


  •  production plans and project management strategies

  • interactive storytelling processes

  • game design (f2p, premium) and monetization plans

  • team building

  • designing gamified solutions and serious games

  • UI/UX design

Licensing and IPs

With 15 years of experience in licensing and copyright, I can assist in creating own IP strategies or working on the product based on the 3rd party IP.

Learn about the pros and cons as well as legal aspects in licensing and copyright services.


If you or your team need help in a more specific areas of business development or team leadership, and need an advice on a concrete challenge you are facing, a coaching sessions may be the best solution. I am also happy to assist with quick consultation sessions of 30-60min where we can create first steps as solution structure for your growth strategy. 

Let's Work Together

Each product and service require unique design approach, therefore I am looking forward to hear about YOUR business ideas and how may I be able to assist you in growing it into a global phenomenon!

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