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Department of Computing, University of Turku, Finland

Doctoral Research Project:
Interactive Storytelling With Quantum Computing

Interactive Storytelling With Quantum Computing - Exploring the New Design Practices in Interactive Storytelling Using the Emerging Quantum Technologies 

Connecting Dots

Interactive storytelling is a vast discipline in the digital world, which has a significant role in modern communication and data management. The practices are widely used in multiple industries, from marketing and PR to software and game development, requiring a multidisciplinary approach in interaction design, platform choice(s), and accessibility in receiving, comprehending and interacting in a meaningful way with the given content. In this research project I wish to explore the current best practices in interactive storytelling with the latest available technologies, and their performance with quantum computing specific requirements.  

Quantum computing is an advanced technology that is based on radically new forms of software and hardware. There are many elements which may affect the game design processes towards completely new ways of understanding the role of the game designer and the role of the player, along with the variety of direction(s) in their “dialogue(s)” through the gameplay experiences. To make the comparison more compelling, I will share the practical experiences when creating games with quantum technologies and how I approached the challenges at hand. 

As a visual storyteller, a game developer, and experience designer - I wish to utilize the acquired expertise in these fields and provide a new view to the interactive storytelling design practices. The case studies used in this research project will be carefully selected to adhere the interactive storytelling systems and techniques based on the specific software development conditions, providing the better understanding in the current and next generation of the design challenges, as well as the opportunities that quantum computing has to offer to the new age of interactive storytelling as a discipline.

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